Males are more likely to have oily skin problems which can worsen in summer and with exercise. For those with oily skin a gentle cleanser twice a day and after exercise is important. Avoiding harsh products is important as irritation can increase skin oil production. Oil-free light moisturizers or hydrating gel and gel based or light sun-protective products are useful.

Shaving can contribute to skin irritation, folliculitis or ingrown hairs. Shave when your skin and beard hairs are moist such as immediately after showering and use a fragrance free moisturizing gel rather than foam if you have skin irritation. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse off and pat dry rather than rub sensitive facial skin. Shaving also has benefits and assists in exfoliation and removal or dead surface skin cells. Use a moisturizer to soothe the skin and helps it recover after shaving and avoid alcohols that can irritate and dry.  

Males are less likely to include a daily sun-protective product in their skin care routine, a broad spectrum SPF 30 day cream is essential for virtually all Australians. 

Men and Skin Care

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