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Tretinoin is a prescription-only cream containing a type of vitamin A (an example is ReTrieve cream). It is used for the treatment of dry, sun-damaged skin and related conditions. Tretinoin containing products are also one of the most efficacious acne treatment creams or gels.

Tretinoin (ReTrieve) works by:

1.Smoothing and regulating the growth and regeneration of the outer layer of the skin 

2.Lightening mottled hyperpigmented skin 

3.Reducing wrinkles associated with sun 

4.Its use includes the treatment of Photo- 
aging and hyperpigmentation 

5.It helps slough away dead skin cells 
allowing new cells to rise to surface more 

6.Thus stimulating collagen production and 
helping reverse the signs of sun damage 

7.And creating more even skin colour, 
texture and reduces irregularities 

Although Tretinoin will not reverse the effects of the chronological ageing, it can help reverse the effects of photo-aging. Skin improvements can continue for up to 3 or more years when used regularly. For acne most benefits are seen by 12 weeks.

Before you start using retrieve tell your doctor or health professional:

·      If you are pregnant or planning pregnancy

·      If you are breastfeeding

·      If you have eczema or sensitive skin

·      Or using any other medicines or skin treatments

How to use ReTrieve

·      Before applying ReTrieve wash face with a mild/gentle cleanser (e.g. QV, La-Roche Possay, Neutrogena and etc.)

·      Only use at night

Apply about 1⁄2 a cm on intact skin with a gentle moisturiser, spreading all over face and neck

·      If tolerating well you can build up to ~1cm application over 2 months

·      Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, lips, angles of nose, open wounds or on skin effected with eczema

·      Do not use on sunburned skin

·      Apply Retrieve to dry skin

·      Moisturisers can be applied as often as needed or necessary to soothe areas of dry, flaky skin

Regimen for starting ReTrieve

·      Apply every 2nd nightly (three times a week) for the rst month, if irritation occurs, take 2 days off and use more sparingly

·      If tolerating well then you can go on to applying Retrieve nightly with a moisturiser over the retrieve cream

·      Retrieve is generally well tolerated but consult your doctor if you experience side effects

·      Some redness and irritation may be expected initially

·      Apply an SPF 30+ or SPF50+ during the day

·      Avoid excessive sunlight, sunlamps, strong wind, dry air, harsh soaps and harsh exfoliants

·      If you are having peel treatments, stop using Retrieve 2 days prior to your peel treatment and recommence 2-3 days post your peel treatment to avoid irritations.