Alma Hybrid Laser

The ALMA HYBRID is a new generation of Hybrid resurfacing laser. HYBRID lasers aim to preserve and enhance the benefits of CO2 laser balanced by reduced downtime and faster recovery when combined with non-ablative fractional laser and Trans Epidermal Delivery.

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The ALMA HYBRID allows the simultaneous use of two different lasers cleverly and closely combined in the same treatment. This highly flexible and adjustable laser combination allows for the skin’s upper and deeper layers to be treated effectively and simultaneously.

The flexibility of the ALMA HYBRID allows for the treatment of all skin types including Asian and Darker Fitzpatrick Skin Types.


  • Lax skin – loose, sagging skin
  • Age/sun damaged skin – mild through to severe
  • Wrinkles and lines – fine through to severe and deep
  • Pigmentation
  • Problematic skin – enlarged pores
  • Scars – acne (ice pick, box car, atrophic or rolling), hypertrophic, keloidal, traumatic, burns and surgical
  • The Targeted Delivery of Skin Actives (via TED)

The ALMA HYBRID combines the power and benefits of CO2 laser with a non-ablative laser. This with the IMPACT handpiece allows for shorter recovery times and less downtime. This HYBRID does not compromise on power unlike early hybrids. CO2 laser remains one of the best and most effective ways to stimulate new collagen production, collagen remodelling and scar improvement. The ALMA HYBRID’s 1570nm non ablative laser works together to assist addresses acne scars, aging and photoaging skin changes including wrinkles, lines and texture. The 1570nm, like the CO2 laser has a range of mild through to more powerful settings.

The ALMA hybrid handpiece deserves its European Product Design Award. It’s skin contact ring effectively cools around where the laser beams are delivered to the skin improving the comfort and experience for both patients and the laser operator.

The ALMA HYBRID also provides enormous flexibility to tailor and customize settings of both lasers. This flexibility assists in the safe but still effective treatment of delicate skin areas such as the neck and decolletage. This flexibility also allows for the treatment of Asian and Darker Fitzpatrick skin types.

It’s IMPACT handpiece for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED) also further enhanced treatment options assisting us more precisely target & deliver our skin treatments aimed at enhancing recovery and outcomes. TED is utilised to further help us do better in some of our favourite laser treatments including Laser Assisted Photodynamic Therapy for precancerous and cancerous skin changes plus to improve our Scar (including Acne Scar) & Laser Rejuventation and Resurfacing treatments.


The ALMA HYBRID allows for a wide scope of flexible treatments. This includes gentle treatments targeting more minor skin changes with low downtime through to stronger treatments to address more severe scarring and deeper skin changes plus greater downtime.

Downtime ranges from, minimal downtime treatments, through a few days to over a week.

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