Combination Cosmetic Treatments for Treating the Chest or décolletage


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Australia’s outdoor lifestyle often leads to disproportionate photo-damage to the décolletage area. This leads to a combination of age spots, uneven colour and skin tone along with wrinkling.

The skin in this area is also relatively thin and relatively delicate compared to the face for example. This necessitates a different approach as deeper laser treatments which work well for the face are associated with greater down time and more limited benefits.

As for correcting many ageing and photo-ageing changes choosing the right combination therapies does not need to increase the down time but can be tailored to increase the potential benefits.

Two dermal filler injections have the benefit of being able to stimulate new collagen and elastin production to generate lasting benefits that persist after they have been removed from the body. These can be injected in a diluted form for stimulating such effects.

Additional benefits can be obtained by combining Dermatologist grade Intense Pulsed Light with injections using the same product used for performing the delayed non-surgical face lift. The IPL is tuned to treat the pigmented lesions / other colour changes and vessels plus improve the areas tone and texture. The injections then stimulate new collagen and elastin production and repair of the sun damaged collagen and underlying fat layer over the following 3 months.

Another useful combination is dermatologist grade Intensive pulse light with spot treatment of age spots combined in the same session or at a subsequent session with non-ablative 1550nm Fraxo Ellipse Laser.

If you are considering treatment for your chest or décolletage consider a consult to find out more and see if this or a different combination therapy would work best for you.

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