Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable products that work in different ways to fill hollows in the face, add volume to lift and contour, softly enhance or reshape and restore or to fill in and smooth facial wrinkles and folds.

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There is a large and growing range of dermal fillers available. These can be used to provide subtle improvements through to more restorative and marked change. At KDAA we only use high quality injectables. 

What are the usual or expected outcomes / benefits?

Dermal fillers are used to treat:

  • Wrinkles and skin folds
  • Enhance, reshape or restore lips
  • To treat scars (e.g. depressed scars due to acne)
  • Address facial asymmetry
  • To volumise, plump, lift and contour

What are GAG dermal fillers and how do they work?

The glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) or proteoglycans that form the basis of these products were developed stemming from natural molecules that exist in healthy skin. GAGs play a vital role within the skin’s extracellular matrix (this is found between cells and helps connect cells and are important for cell health and function). These gels not only fill lines or hollows they also attract water that helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Water and hydration are key to skin health. Different products vary in their formulation, bonds between molecules and the mix of molecule sizes. This allows products to be chosen or tailored for addressing different skin areas or skin and volumizing problems. 

When are benefits seen?

Treatment results occur immediately. 

What is the duration of benefits and how often should treatment be repeated?

The duration of benefits however varies depending on the product used and area treated. Most dermal fillers currently used should be considered as temporary. Products generally last between 6 months to 12 months. 

Duration of benefits can vary but are affected by the area treated and the product utilized.

Consultation & Preparation

At KDAA we aim to offer tailored holistic and appropriate care. Consultation is key to your thorough assessment and discussion of both treatment options along with any treatment associated risks, and your alternatives. Contraindications include allergy to any of the components which includes hypersensitivity to the contained anaesthetic. 

Dermal filler treatment will not be able to be done if there is active skin disease in the treatment area or a skin infection. It is also important to inform your injector about any treatments you have had in the area you are wanting treated. 

Downtime and Risks

Most people can resume normal activities within a few hours or the following day after the procedure.

Skin filler injections are medical procedures and need to be performed following strict infection control and aseptic techniques to reduce adverse risks. 

What other treatments work well in combination?

Dermal filler injections can be a stand-alone treatment. Combination treatments with anti-wrinkle injections and Skin boosters may be required.

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