How do I choose between whether a skin booster, skin healer and dermal injection bioremodeller is right for my skin concerns and their potential risks?


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It is great to have choice however guidance to help you choose between options will vary based on your individual skin assessment, presence or absence of associated skin conditions, a person’s medical health and their treatment and also in regard to whether a combination treatments will better address both your skin and safety concerns.

Recommendations may also vary based on your age, severity of photoaging, presence of skin scars and your personal aims and concerns plus risk assessment. 

Skin boosters will generally also enhance volume which may be both beneficial and/or undesirable. Other skin healers such as Rejuran will increase skin collagen and elastin without significant added volume effects and may be used around the eyes. Some products also work well in combination with other skin treatments including differences in their heat stability which can allow use in combination with laser and/or energy-based treatments. This can be performed either in a combination or concurrent treatment or utilized sequentially.

Some products can also have added benefits assisting with healing and skin repair. Safety of products however can also vary between skin areas with some products not recommended for use in certain areas such as the periorbital or eye socket area.

To find out what approach may best meet your clinical goals of treatment and safety profile a consultation with one of our dermatology nurses, dermal therapies and dermatologists should be considered.

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