Kleresca is a newly TGA approved innovative first in class BioPhotonic acne treatment. Kleresca photonic treatment quickly, safely and essentially painlessly provides longer term benefits in even severe acne cases.

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What is Kleresca?

This involves the application of an orange light active gel to acne affected areas immediately followed by illumination under a multi-wavelength high intensity in clinic LED light for 9 minutes. The course involves twice a week treatments for 6 weeks. The light activated gel delivers of a range of beneficial wavelengths of light into affected skin. This BioPhotonic treatment has been shown to kill the bacteria residing deep in the pilosebaceous follicle that cause acne (proprionibacterium acnes), reduces the inflammation associated with acne and enhances the skins recovery and healing response. There is no down time from treatment (just some brief skin redness) and you can immediately head off to continue your day.

Like many other light and laser treatments there appears to be benefits on skin tone, texture and maybe acne scarring. Given this is early days for this cutting edge biophotonic treatment, ongoing study is underway to quantify its effects on the skin including study in regard to its application to other medical and cosmetic skin conditions.

Clinically significant benefits become apparent by 3-4 weeks and acne continues to improve further in the weeks after the treatment course has been completed. The excellent safety profile, innovative mechanism of actions and sustained plus significant acne benefits makes Kleresca an exciting new option for those affected by acne. Kleresca works better in more inflammatory acne (moderate to severe acne characterised by red tender papules, bumps and pustules) rather than milder forms of acne (acne with mainly blackheads and whiteheads). Study has observed 9 out 10 seeing acne scores improve and a third clear or virtually clear (Int J Dermatol, 55: 1321–1328. doi:10.1111/ijd.13349).

This new professional in clinic service acne treatment is now available at Kingsway Dermatology & Aesthetics. Make an appointment and mention you are interested in Kleresca. You can also ask to speak with one of our nursing staff to learn more about this innovative treatment and whether it is right for you
(call 9525 3265 or email info@kdaa.com.au).

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