There are now four (4) wrinkle relaxing injections available in Australia


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There are now four (4) wrinkle relaxing injections available in Australia and more under evaluation by our TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Although based on the same active molecule they vary in their associated stabilizing proteins, contaminants and added ingredients.

Clinically it has anecdotally been observed that the various commercial products possibly differ subtly in their clinical effects. This may be partly due to variation in product diffusion that may vary in importance when treating different clinical sites that clinically include the:

  • Frown
  • Forehead and
  • Crows feet or smile lines

Dilution of the product also appears in randomised controlled studies to affect wrinkle relaxing product diffusion and have also been shown in controlled studies to modify the duration of benefits (smaller volumes of certain products have the potential of being more targeted in their actions and their duration. Smaller volumes of injection of more concentrated product may have benefits based on the reduced risks of diffusion into adjacent ‘undesirable’ muscles or skin areas).

When using smaller volume exact placement in the target muscles however is likely both necessary and key. Studies involved experienced dermatologists injecting these products.

What does this mean in regard to which product I should I use for my personal concerns?

The purest product with less contaminating proteins may have theoretical benefits. This product also has the advantage of being relatively well studied.

Should I have more than one type of wrinkle relaxing injections in the same treatment. Are there any additional risks when more than one product is utilized. More clinical studies are needed to confirm benefits. The answer is ‘maybe’. This could include one commercial product being utilized for the frown – possibly with a more concentrated dilution and another for the forehead and/or crow’s feet areas where different diffusion properties may have benefits.

The experience of your injector with a particular product is likely also very important.

Your aims and safety concerns however are paramount. 

Some injectors and patients have observed differences in outcomes that they describe as producing a more natural effect.

It’s likely that both the product utilized is important balanced by the injectors experience and familiarity with the commercially available products.

In conclusion, it is important you have a discussion with your wrinkle relaxing injecting health care professional regarding your clinical goals, safety concerns balanced by your injectors experience and product familiarity plus assessment of the literature. All these factors may be important to help guide you in deciding whether wrinkle relaxing injections are right for you and which products best meet your personal preferences.

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