Xanthelasma represents the accumulation of fat just beneath the skin’s surface layer around the eyes (especially on the side closer to the nose). This results in yellow discoloured skin patches that can enlarge, become raised and join together to become prominent visually.

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In some people this can be associated with elevated cholesterol and/or heart disease risk or liver disease.

To treat these first ask your doctor to do a liver test along with a blood lipid profile.

Treatment suggested for your xanthelasma will depend on the severity and extent of your xanthelasma and personal preferences and consideration of treatment risks including infection, scarring or prolonged downtime.

  • Chemical Peeling with TCA is useful for thin, more mild lesions. This is repeated monthly several times for best results.
  • For larger and raised lesions fine needle pinpoint radiofrequency can be utilized. (fat or lipid has high electrical resistance and is selectively targeted).
  • For more severe lesions CO2 laser is utilized (this can be used in a polka dot and/or fractionated manner or to surgically remove lesions)
  • We have found combining treatments a useful strategy to speed improvement and obtain a good cosmetic outcome plus balance treatment risks

All these treatments are associated with downtime. Treated areas will be red, crusty and irritable and will require special post treatment skin care.

Multiple treatment sessions will usually be required.

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