Skin Boosters

A cosmetic procedure designed to improve the quality, hydration and overall appearance of the skin.

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What is it?

A skin booster injection is commonly referred to as a ‘skin booster’ or ‘skin hydrating’ treatment. This is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the quality, hydration and overall appearance of the skin.

What do they contain?

These injections typically involve the use of a fine ‘free’ non-cross-linked Glycosaminoglycan or Proteoglycan (GAG) that spread evenly through the skin to hydrate and plump the skin and may contain other skin-boosting substances including other moisturising factors along with antioxidants and vitamins.

How does it work?

Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) come in a stabilized form and like their natural component found in the skin and the body’s connective tissues they have a remarkable ability to retain and attract water molecules, providing essential hydration to the skin. Healthy skin is characterised by its ability to hold and retain water which assists in many of its normal functions and cell health. This proteoglycan gel or matrix assists with the movement of cell signals that are involved in tissue repair and maintenance.  

Skin hydration is important for the skin’s suppleness, elasticity, resilience and skin appearance. 

What is involved and when do I see results?

Treatment does involve multiple targeted injections. These are done to administer the proteoglycan gel under the skin’s surface layer. 

A range of anaesthetic agents can be used prior to your treatment to reduce treatment related discomfort, however this is a relatively bearable treatment. 

For best results regular treatments are necessary. After initial induction treatment (2 sessions approximately 4 weeks apart). 

Regular treatments with a frequency tailored to you, your skin and skin needs may be considered. 


Each treatment takes around 30 minutes

What other treatments does this work in combination with?

Combination treatment can be utilized to address other clinical outcomes including Anti wrinkle injections, Dermal filler alongside our Aquapure Hydrofacial.

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